Attack Surface Management and Threat Detection

RESONANCE was born out of necessity. Digital transformation and rapid development environments have provided a plethora of opportunities for threat actors to exploit.

Breaches have become an all-too common occurrence on the account that organizations do not have FULL and CONTINUOUS VISIBILITY of their rapidly evolving attack surfaces. They are also often unaware of all the CYBERTHREATS these same attack surfaces may be susceptible to.

This is because the process today is reliant on having multiple solutions and significant human intervention. It is costly, resource intensive and incomplete. We fix that.

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    Organization oriented

    RESONANCE looks after the safety of your organization by only using your entity's name. RESONANCE doesn't track a specific domain or range of IPs.

    Through an intelligent attribution engine, it is able to run reverse searches on the entire public internet and match assets back to you.

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    100% External & Autonomous

    RESONANCE does NOT require an integration with your infrastructure of any kind, nor does it require installation of Agents on your servers. We simplify the process so your security guardians can focus on other mission critical areas of the business.

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    Real-life Threats

    RESONANCE identifies specific threats, data leaks and vulnerabilities on every single publicly-accessible asset. RESONANCE uses spiderSilk's assessment engine to detect threats on a server or application level. This goes way beyond traditional CVE/Port-scanning type of vulnerability detection.

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    Timely & Actionable insights

    RESONANCE is able to provide visibility into your organization's cyber resilience on a daily basis, with clear & actionable insights, via an easy to us dashboard, API or a managed service offering. No false positives, no fuss.

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    Content & Context

    RESONANCE detects the most effective threats because it is aware of the content residing on a publicly accessible asset, and it customizes its detection effort based on the context of any given asset (whether it is running an off-the-shelve solution, custom-made software etc).

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    Safe & Non-disruptive

    RESONANCE runs most of its assessments passively, and where needed, it interacts in a non-disruptive manner with your publicly-accessible assets (no stress testing, no Brute-force attacks, no Payload injections, etc.).

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